june 5, 2017

-6 png packs
-2 pixel brush packs
-6 coloring psd's
-2 domain headers
-3 stylesheets
-32 color schemes
-20 sitemodel cutouts
-71 avatars (21 100x100px & 50 400x400px)

may 2, 2017

-7 background bases
-20 background psd's
-16 border psd's
-16 coloring psd's
-58 color schemes
-25 deco psd's
-38 font previews
-11 premade vectors
-10 preview psd's
-a shitload of site name ideas
-a shitload of textures
-50+ tumblr rares
-11 vector psd's
r s k s m

k z e r e

object png packs

i didn't make any of these png packs, i only found them on deviant art, tumblr, or google images and packed them together.
not all png's are shown in the previews. click to download the zip file.
comment in cbox if using and remember to credit me/tag me on facebook ♥