june 5, 2017

-6 png packs
-2 pixel brush packs
-6 coloring psd's
-2 domain headers
-3 stylesheets
-32 color schemes
-20 sitemodel cutouts
-71 avatars (21 100x100px & 50 400x400px)

may 2, 2017

-7 background bases
-20 background psd's
-16 border psd's
-16 coloring psd's
-58 color schemes
-25 deco psd's
-38 font previews
-11 premade vectors
-10 preview psd's
-a shitload of site name ideas
-a shitload of textures
-50+ tumblr rares
-11 vector psd's
r s k s m

k z e r e

sitemodel cutouts

these are all rares that i bought with my own money, which is why they are watermarked.
credits to ann for making all the tiffy and zoe ones i have up at the moment.
comment in cbox if using and remember to credit me/tag me on facebook ♥