✿ if i can live through this, i can do anything ✿

author: bear | date: september 9, 2017 | listening: champion by fall out boy

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK it took me forever to get this bitch back up and running, and I stil ain't even done making all the content I wanted to put up when I re-opened, but I just couldn't wait. Even so, I guess I have a medium-sized update for you guys? Maybe large? I dunno, y'all let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy all the content I've been working on. Y'all, hurricane Irma has been a wild ride... We were so lucky it literally made a last minute turn when it was about to hit us bad. Still, my thoughts and prayers are those in Barbuda, Dominican Republic (?), Cuba, and Florida who were affected. IN MORE POSITIVE NEWS, WHO ELSE IS PUMPED FOR BTS COMEBACK... Those teasers have me wigless. When's YG gonna give us a Blackpink mini album? Never? Oh ok.

✿ you wanna be friends forever, i can think of something better ✿

author: bear | date: june 5, 2017 | listening: sleepover by hayley kiyoko

Hi I honestly don't have much to say I just wanna let y'all know that I updated and added a bunch of content so go check it out. This island is slowly falling apart and idk how to feel about that... I'm moving to Sweden catch y'all later lmao. No but forreal. I'm scared for my country and for my future. Why isn't #pray4puertorico a thing lmaoooo.

✿ i think that god is gonna have to kill me twice ✿

author: bear | date: may 2, 2017 | listening: young and menace by fall out boy

Biiiiiinch, it took me forever to make a layout I was happy with. I was surprised to have made a decent collage header that I was okay with, so I went ahead and made a layout with it and Im actually in love with it???? It's featuring the amazing Dua Lipa, a whole legend. It honestly took me 50 eons to open the site, blame it on my laziness and also the fact that it took me forever to make a layout I liked. I usually suck at collage layouts so this is a big deal bro. so I bought and made a fair amount of content. I still have to make/buy the cutouts of all the rares that I've bought (which are a bunch and are all gorgeous), so please be a bit patient while I work on that. Anyways pls support Fall Out Boy, they just released a new song and video called Young and Menace and it is amazing. Go fucking check it out and keep an eye out for the album dropping in September. Also, vote for BTS for the bbma's. Jeon Jeongguk is king of thighs and arms and being beautiful.